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Farmhouse Outdoor Fall Decor

As I was working from home today, I was enjoying the sounds of combines and tractors. There is something about the sounds and smells(yes smells- I love the smell of corn drying) of harvest, that make me so excited.

I finished mowing our lawn last night, for hopefully the last time this year. If you follow me on Instagram- you understand my love/hate relationship with our lawn mower. Let's just say- we are ending the year on a bad note. The drive shaft (I am totally making this up but think it might be right)- is broke. I drive it for a while and then a nut falls off and then I can't turn. I am no mechanic- but I don't think that is supposed to happen. Needless to say- this lawn mower is going to need some love this winter when harvest is over.

With the lawn mowed and finished, I spent time putting the final touches on our outdoor fall decor. Brett always helps me put together the outdoor decorations whether that is cutting corn stalks or hanging Christmas lights (his absolute favorite- I am totally kidding- he hates hanging Christmas lights!) This year was new with being able to cut cornstalks from our own field and not having to cut from father in laws fields! Such an small but exciting thing!

Our barn has been my favorite area to decorate over the years.... as you can tell from below. Corn stalks normally fill this space along with pumpkins and ferns from other places around the farm.

This year- I followed a similar pattern but added some straw bales and utilized more ferns from my patio since I didn't want to spend the money on mums. I loved the traditional orange this year. I added it to our home indoors and wanted to carry that pattern outside. Don't get me wrong, I love the chunky white pumpkins and the muted green, blue and orange pumpkins too!

While Brett is getting equipment ready tonight, I am going to finish putting together my favorite fall harvest meals and my favorite fall baked goods! I will be sure to share those next week!

In the meantime, praying over each and everyone of you! Praying for good health and happiness!




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