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Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

This is going to sound cheesy, but I love Valentine's Day. Something about all the love in the air and everything that surrounds it. I know that Valentine's Day isn't always easy for everyone. Those longing for a significant other, those who are mourning the death of their significant other.... the list goes on. I get it, I was there at one point and I can understand the longing of a companion.

But some of these ideas can be used for you and your gal pals. Also known as Galentine's Day:)

I asked my Instagram family for a list of date suggestions and these have me even more excited for Valentine's Day/Galentine's Day.

1. Throwing Axes

2. Game Night- cards, board games

3. Review last year via book of photos

4. Couples Massage

5. Cooking Class

6. Out to eat a fancy restaurant

7. Stay in a cook a meal together

8. Movie theater

9. Scavenger hunt

10. Photography session

So many good ideas right? Last year, Brett planned Valentine's Day which included making homemade sushi and just relaxing at home. I am in charge of planning this special day this year.

To be very honest, I think I already have it planned. I want it to be us, nothing fancy, just us. Which will include- a night in with the dogs, bringing home Papa Murphy's pizza, having some type of dessert and maybe playing a board game of some sort. I did try to schedule a couples massage at a local spa but things were already booked up. Totally ok though, probably for the best with trying to save money, right?

Now, tell me, what are your plans for Valentine's/Galentine's Day this year?