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Tutorial on our Shiplap Fireplace

I am finally back. I think my last post was almost 8 months ago....I know it has been forever.

During my break from the blog, a lot has happened. We did a huge remodel in our old school house and I will be sharing the story and how it all went down.

For now, I will be sharing our fireplace that I dreamt of as soon as we started tearing all of this apart.

Please know- my inspiration was from The Definery Co. Please visit her DIY Shiplap Fireplace that we modified from!


Before I get into how we built it, I have to show you what it looked like before!

It was a mess- The fridge was in the living room, we had ceiling tiles everywhere and I was excited to get this project started!

I got a crazy idea to see what a tv on the wall would look like and used some tape to measure it out:)

Then we spent time sanding the floors....

We stained the floors...

Now you will need to wait until the end to see the final masterpiece:)

Let's start with the base.

The supplies you will need for the base

1. 2 by 12 (we bought two and our base is around 8 feet wide on the top)

2. 2 by 8 (these are the boards that run along the floor, these are also used as support on the base)

3. We used a Kreg to drill pocket holes to keep the 2 by 12 together for the base

4. We then chose a router edge to go along the top of the base. You can really choose which ever router edge you would like!

I am showing the below picture just for reference to show what the base looks like from underneath!

5. We used 2 by 4's to create the frame for the fireplace. We wanted to mount the tv so we put a 2 by 6 for extra support.

6. We then used plywood to create a box where the faux brick would go for the fireplace.

7. We installed the faux brick from Menards and then brought the fireplace into the house. We used lag bolts to screw into the wall. We created a small cubby on the right to store our tv cable boxes and we also installed an outlet so we could plug in the tv right where we mount it.

8. We bought 1 by 8 to use for shiplap. We used a table saw to cut the boards into actual shiplap. If you didn't want to do that you could still use 1 by 8 and use a nickel to create a space between the boards. The reason we didn't do this is because behind the fireplace there was nothing so we would have seen right through it.

9. Before we installed all the shiplap above, we used lag bolts to install the mantel.

10. We wanted to finish off the fireplace with trim on the corners and the top against the ceiling- feel free to use whatever trim you prefer.

11. I used Alabaster from Sherwin Williams for the color of the fireplace


We are beyond happy with how it turned out! Please reach out if you have any questions on how we put it all together!