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Harvest Continues + New Fall Decor

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Can you believe it is already October? I seriously think life goes by faster as you get older. It feels like just yesterday I was beyond excited to get out my fall decorations. Now, I am pinning Christmas ideas. I can't get over how fast life has been going lately.

It surely has been raining a lot here in Minnesota. In fact, if you caught my story on Instagram yesterday, it was sleeting while we were trying to finish combining a field of soybeans. With all the rain, it surely slows down harvest. Fields get wet and it takes, sometimes, days to get back in the field.

I just continue to hope and Pray mother nature blesses us with some dry days so we can get back to combining and getting the crop harvested.

With all this cool, rainy weather, i have been spending a lot of time inside. Pinterest has surely been capturing my attention lately. crock pot meals have been fun to find, but christmas is really calling my name. But i know that fall is still here and i just need to enjoy this beautiful time of year!

Of course- i got a little bored with our table scape and had to change things up a bit. IT didn't go without some inspiration from Nelly @nellyfriedel

I am loving the simplicity of the book pages, eucalyptus and pumpkins!

Ok, i promise I love fall, but i am going to get back to pinning more christmas ideas.

If you have any suggestions on how to incorporate old red + gold decorations into how i decorate now- i will forever be grateful.

Does anyone else structure all their christmas decorations around their tree? Well i am finding myself starting there and then working elsewhere:)

have a blessed week!