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Birthday cake

Well we celebrated my niece and nephew's birthdays yesterday. At the beginning of the day, my sister had mentioned having me maybe make a cake for her. but by the end of the day she had made 2 cakes on her own. I figured i would still finish making a cake since tomorrow is my birthday.

So i started making a box cake. yes- i thought it was crazy too. But i found a few tips and tricks to make a box cake taste like a bakery cake!

Add 1 egg

Replace the oil with melted butter, and double it

replace the water with milk

and boom- you have a bakery cake.... right? well- i can't really tell you because i honestly haven't tried the cake yet!

I baked the cakes in 9 inch pans. I ended up baking 2 boxes of cake mix which gave me 4 cakes total.

Now for frosting-


I found this recipe and it is delicious!

Then became the fun part. Decorating!

I layered the 4 cakes and put frosting in between each layer.

I thought about doing what they call a naked cake but figured adding a little frosting wouldn't hurt. I added a few greens and pink flowers on top and called it good.

I used a few baking and frosting tools that I had gotten at Michaels.